Monday, March 23, 2015

What I learned this Weekend

A lot has happened over the last three days that I feel compelled to share just to relieve some burden.  To say this weekend was a little stressful is putting it mildly.

If your mother so happens to own a glass kerosene lamp, this is for you.  If that said lamp happens to shatter on your hardwood floors, leaking kerosene A-L-L over the place, this is for you:
I never did see so many shards of glass dispersed in such a wide area.  Sweeping up and then vacuuming was a chore in itself, but dealing with the smell of the kerosene was the issue.  And then I Googled kerosene poisoning and almost died.  Of course I had all the symptoms and started to freak out.
Thank God for husbands who get off at 9:30pm and go back over the area with baking soda, a mixture of dawn soap and water and then vinegar to dissipate lingering odor.  Because just soaking up the oil with a paper towel and scrubbing the floor with a mop doesn't cut it (lesson learned).  

Also, sleeping on the floor in your 4 year old daughter's room isn't nearly as sweet as it seemed in the kerosene-induced stupor that was the rest of Friday night.  This is also why I hate camping, I'm too old to be sleeping on something so hard and uncomfortable.  And all while still night- nursing #MomLife.

Apparently when I get scared, I turn angry.  Anyone else?  When I watched said lamp fall down its reign of destruction I was in the middle of a diaper change and Kinsey was right in the line of fire.  She was unharmed but I still flew into a rage; I guess I can't handle being scared, but being angry is something I can deal with easier. I'm working out this heart matter with God because it's ugly and it's a real struggle. And then there's the matter of being called, " a rude and negative parent" that lingers with you.  I have since apologized and explained to her my emotional outburst and she took it well and seemed to understand, but ouch.  That is definitely a phrase I hope to never hear again.

Baking cookies is an instant mood booster.  I tried Astleigh's butter cookie recipe and it was heavenly.  And a much needed sugar rush to combat the heart palpitations and burning skin I was suffering from ;)

I am attached to material things.  The comforter we have had since getting married ripped big time and since I can't mend, we have replaced it.  The perfect comforter; one that has gone with us from newlyweds, to cat-parents (RIP Jasper, our first baby), to bringing home our first daughter, comforting me when we lost our second baby, to welcoming home Brielana; it was the perfect comforter.  Maybe it wasn't so much the blanket itself, but all the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) memories tied to its existence that I am sorry to see go.

Ohhh Taxes.  Finally got that done on Sunday.  Numbers make me really nervous.

So, it wasn't my finest weekend.  But I realized a lot about myself and that's getting somewhere, right?  "Self-actualization" and all that.  But to end on a positive note, I leave you with this:

When I was trying to be Fun Mom while finishing up laundry, I had one Happy Camper and one Grumpy Gus.  I'll leave it to you to decide which was which.

How was your weekend?
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