Monday, March 2, 2015

Pinterest {Closet} Project: Pink Quilted Vest

This month's Pin-spired outfits are some of my favorites!  Pink + layering = perfection. 
 {Apparently I can't get enough of my favorite color} 

On to the inspiration: 

And I have to say, I loved them all!  I only wish I could pull off a turtleneck, anyone else feel like that?!
 Vest: Charter Club, Stripe Top: Old Navy Jeans Gap Straights, Moccs:  Minnetonka

I don't own a gingham button up but I really want to remedy that.
Vest: Charter Club, Sweater: Gap, Plaid popover: Old Navy, Skinnies: Old Navy, Leopard flats: Old Navy

I wore this outfit back in late December to a play date with my daughter, a girlfriend and her daughter, and loved it!  Super cozy.  The only downfall is, my polka dot sweater has a hole in the back and I couldn't remove the vest to cool down!  I guess what they say about suffering for fashion stands correct ;)
Vest: Charter Club, Polka Sweater: Old Navy, Plaid popover: Gap, Skinnies: Old Navy, Boots: Rampage

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  1. Love the pink vest and polkadots! Hate it when it's too warm and I can't take off a layer. At least you looked cute :)

    1. You get it, Lisa! We definitely have our priorities straight ;)

  2. I'm so jealous of your pink vest! I love pink! My favorite outift is the vest with the polka dot sweater, too! Perfect for a play date!

    1. Thank you Laura! The vest was actually a hand-me-down from my grandma, ha! Pink is perfection ;)


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