Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Little Things: Sisters

We were at the park last Thursday and these two just melted my heart.

Kinsey with her arm around Brielana. Sigh.

Kinsey is a wonderful big sister, always making sure Brielana is safe and calling her out if she's chewing on something she isnt supposed to (like the foam mats bleh). She gives her kisses and tickles her and insistes on greeting her first when she wakes up from her naps. It has been such a wonderful transition to watch unfold before my eyes. My first baby being the big sister.

And Brielana, she loves her big sister! She watches her with rapt attention and wants to do everything she does never mind the age restriction ;) The smiles!  The laughs!  All for big sister.
I always wanted a sister (but am blessed with a wonderful younger brother and he's a super sweet uncle) and envy those who have close relationships with their sisters. But a friend of mine, who has a sister and is raising 3 daughters under the age of 6, told me raising sisters was just as special as having a sister; and that I will take to the bank.

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  1. Love your last line. I'm a mom to 6 daughters, and I completely agree. It's so awesome to know their best friends live under the same roof as they do. Found you on Little Things. Following on G+. :)

    1. Yes! Best friends for life! Thanks for the support!


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