Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Baskets 2015!

I was extra excited to do up Kinsey and Brielana's Easter baskets this year!  I ample time to plan and prepare.  And maybe the fact that it's Brielana's First Easter made it that much more festive.

These pictures don't do the cuteness justice, my baskets had a case of Goldilocks syndrome (this one's too small, this one's too big) but I made it work ;)  

Kinsey's basket:
Peter Rabbit Says/ Gummy fruits/ mini chocolate Peter Rabbits/ Easter plate/ Egg-shaped chalk (all purchased from Target, but can't find them online)

Brielana's basket:
Gerber bunny PJs/ 2 soft cover Easter books/ Bunny socks (purchased at Target, can't locate online)

I may find just one more item for the girls and put them in those cute plastic eggs already in their baskets haha.

This was Kinsey's Easter basket last year if you want to reminisce.

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What's in your Easter baskets?
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