Thursday, July 23, 2015

11 + 12 Month Favorites

11 + 12 Month Favorites
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This summer baby has been enjoying the sun!  I actually got this sunscreen in my Nurture Vox Box and love it! My favorite part is the sun- sensitive lid that turns blue to remind you to reapply.

The pink sun hat has been with us on all our adventures this summer.

I love classic books, so Baby Lit books are my jam!  I'm loving introducing my favorite characters to my little loves.

Brielana is a natural sorter, always putting toys into shoes, etc. so the shape sorter keeps her busy.  Plus, she likes chewing on the shapes ;)

For this being an "old" toy, Brielana is smitten!  She carries it around and dances to "The Farmer and the Dell" with her one arm waving in the air.

Brielana got this for her birthday from great gramma and it is on all the time.  The balls drop and scatter across the floor and she thinks the monkey is funny.  Bonus, Kinsey likes playing with this too, so they get in some bonding time. 

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  1. That sunscreen sounds awesome! I'll have to save this for later!

  2. That little pink beach hat is too too cute!

  3. That hat is too cute. Mine won't keep a hat on her head to save her life.

  4. Those books look so awesome! She looks adorable in her hat too.

  5. Really great post! Have a nice day:)

  6. Cannot go wrong with Baby Lit book!!! I want them all.

  7. Oh my goodness, that sunscreen is genius! While we are very diligent in reapply sunscreen a little reminder would be awesome!

  8. Great choices! Liam still loves his shape sorter!

    1. You seriously can't go wrong with shape sorters! We have 3 different ones lol


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