Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Lovin': Make S'mores

Hands down, my favorite summer dessert is S'mores; ooey, gooey, chocolate-y with a little crunch.  It has all the mouth feels and different textures make for the best combinations.  Of course, I've been known to enjoy them during the Fall and Winter too ;)  Basically, what's not to love?

To change things up a bit I Pinterested (that's totally a verb, right?) this glorious S'mores cookie recipe from here.  Let me tell you, these do not disappoint!  Make a batch and then get back to me. We can rave about them together.
s'mores cookies

3/4 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 Hershey bars, broken
1 cup mini marshmallows

Cream together butter and sugars; mix in egg and vanilla.
Add flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking soda and salt. Mix until smooth.
Stir in chocolate chips and chocolate chunks until well combined.
Drop by heaping tablespoons onto cookie sheet about 3 inches apart.
Bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes. Remove and quickly press marshmallows into cookies. Return to oven and cook until done, about 3-4 minutes.

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  1. I may have to try those smores cookies or any smores dessert apart from just smores since we have all the smores ingredients left (except the ghirardelli...because yeah mom ate all those). I have a bunch of smores but not smores pinned somewhere, I should take a peek. I hadn't thought about it.

  2. Oh my goodness I REALLY want to make cookies right now. I am going to go eat egg whites and be sad, lol.

  3. S'mores cookies? Yum! I must make some now haha :)

  4. S'mores - yummmm!!!
    A while back I made a similar cookie and they were delicious. Once it cools down a bit I'll have to give these a try. They look delish!!

  5. S'mores are the way to my heart! I'm definitely going to make these!

  6. I have been obsessed with smores this summer!!! Although I make mine in the microwave with three ingredients haha

  7. OMG!!! Those cookies!!! I love smores to this is totally dangerous!

  8. Am I in heaven?? Sharing on my personal and blog page and telling my mom to make these STAT...yes I'm an adult who still likes my mom to bake for me : ) If she has nothing else in the house, she always has smores ingredients.

    1. Thank you Lindsay! And hello and welcome :) Girl, Im with your mom, I always have S'mores ingredients on hand too. (If I could get away with having my mom bake for me I totally would too. No shame!) Have a great day, you've made mine :)

  9. My husband and kids would loooooove these! (I'm a weirdo and don't like marshmallows so this would just be for them haha) Thanks for sharing this with us for Tuesday Talk!!! -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

    1. Im kinda sad you don't like marshmallows lol (though the only time I like them is in s'mores, is that weird?) I hope your family likes them!

  10. between you and Vanessa you're killing me with your smores desserts.


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