Monday, July 20, 2015

12 Months

So I tried doing an infographic a la Kristin and let me tell you those things are time consuming!  Not exactly what I had in mind but I'll take it!  

How old: ONE YEAR(!!!)
Weight: 17.13 pounds (up 10.1 pounds)
Length: 28.5 inches (up 9. 5 inches) 
Baby clothes: 12 month sizes
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: Night nursing still going strong; not complaining, the girl needs all the extra calories she can get ;)
Feeding: Nurses twice during the day (not counting night nursing) and 3 meals plus snacks.  She's an adventurous eater still (thank goodness) and will try anything at least once.
Likes: Trying to keep up with Kinsey!  Playing outside.  Climbing on all the things, she is a dare-devil!  Getting her way, she has recently started throwing tantrums; which are pretty amusing if they weren't so l o u d. Giving kisses, sweetest thing ever!  Its a dry "muah" with a popping of the lips.  Being "cozy", snuggling with a blanket, soft toy, person.  Pulling off her shoes and socks (it has begun.)  Looking at books.
Dislikes: Being behind a baby gate. Not being carried unless she wants down.   
Milestones: Walking, trying to run actually.  Climbing off the bed/couch/play structure feet first.  Using a pincer grasp when eating.  Saying "mom", "dad", "dog" and "meow".  Pointing at everything to know what it is.  

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  1. Aw I love hearing the updates! Who doesn't wanna be carried haha?!

  2. I love these updates, so cute! It's crazy how much they grow that first year right?

  3. Those images are a lot of work but totally worth it when you get to see the changes in a snapshot month after month. Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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