Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge Pt 2

Sweet Turtle Soup

Joining in for another Summer Reading Challenge!  This installment features:

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses Ian Falconer (my favorite Olivia title ever)
Goodnight Opus Berkeley Breathed
Pete and Pickles Berkeley Breathed
Mrs. Brooks Loves Books (and I don't) Barbara Bottner (loved this!)
Z is for Moose Kelly Bingham
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig Eugene Trivizas (Kinsey really enjoyed this one, she said it was funny)
Angelina at the Fair Katharine Holabird
Eloise Takes a Bawth Kay Thompson
Cherries and Cherry Pits Vera B. Williams (my childhood pick)
Frozen Read- Along Nolan North plus activity:
Frozen play dough
I used my favorite play dough recipe and added blue food coloring and turquoise glitter to make Frozen Inspired "Elsa Ice" for some Small World play.  Kinsey loved helping to make the play dough (adding the glitter, anyone surprised?! haha) and then getting to play with it after it cooled.  Because what little girl isn't still obsessed with that movie?  Fun fact: we actually purchased that figurine set when we visited Downtown Disney in May!

We satisfied these themes:

And there you have it!  Our second check-in for the Summer Reading Challenge completed!  Happy Reading friends!

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  1. You guys are on a roll and I think I am gonna start something like this with Chloe this weekend! And I am for sure trying that homemade playdoh recipe. Chloe will sit and play with it for hours!

  2. I love this link up - I'm finding so many new books to add to our collection. What a great list - I'll have to check these out! When did Kinsey start getting into play dough? I made some for Mila a while back and she wants nothing to do with it. I try getting her to play with it every so often and she's just not interested. Crazy kid needs to learn that play dough is fun! Haha.

  3. Love the Frozen play dough idea. All things Frozen are always a hit in this house :).

  4. Oh so fun! I need to make some playdoh with the kids soon! Great idea!

  5. I have GOT to make that play dough. And I LOVE the Olivia books… such an independent spirit

  6. Olivia and Christmas? Isn't that out of season! I want to read that one now though haha. I guess it is July so Christmas in July is always okay in my book. Aria loooves playdough. But it is so messy. I wish we had a little table that she could be all crafty and playdoughy at.


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