Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Lovin': Day at the Beach x2

We've gotten to enjoy two beach days so far this summer: one with just us girls and one with friends (big and little); and though I know it won't be our last beach day, they are both great reminders of why California has the best beaches (does that sound braggy?  #sorrynotsorry ;)

Seaside Beach:

Brian was working when I got the idea to pack up all our beach gear and just go, so we did!  Now, I'm not one for "spontaneous" but it was a sunny day, with a cool breeze blowing and I got front row parking; all good signs.  I even brought Stella so it was seriously a Girls Day.

Not that any pictures turned out but we also got to see seals swimming in the water!  You just never know what your'e going to see in the sea. 

Kinsey is a Water Baby for sure and even though I didn't have her in her swim suit, she got down in the water.  Reminds me of myself when I was her age (I get a kick out of our similarities, anyone else feel that way with their kids?)

And then there's Brielana happy as can be eating sand.

Carmel Beach:

Our second Beach Day was with friends- Jessica and her daughter Lyvia and son Trenton and Jennifer with her two sons, Corbin and Carter plus her two dogs, Bentley and Pixie.

The day started off overcast with heavy fog rolling in off the ocean but we stuck it out and once the fog burned off, it ended up being very pleasant.  I think my internal temperature is off from everyone else's because I stay cold longer, so I was may have been a touch complain-y lol.
It always amazes me that these two girls are only 3 weeks apart!
I brought along Kinsey's pup-castle and the kids loved it. 
Corbin, Kinsey, Lyvia and Trenton

Also no pictures but this day we saw 3 dolphins swimming along the shore.  They were pretty close too and a bunch of people started filming and taking pictures, it was awesome!

And of course, Brielana spent the day eating more sand ;)

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  1. What a perfect day, sometimes you gotta be spontaneous! It amazes me about how your kids can be so similar to you also!!! The pic of little miss Brielana eating sand is tooo funny!

  2. What lovely spontaneous summer days!!! And eating sand is a rite of passage, no?!

  3. Insanely jealous of all your beach time. Lake side beaches are simply not the same.


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