Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The little things: cars, cars, cars

As girly-girl and feminine as Kinsey is, she can still get down in the dirt, be rough-and-tumble and be engrossed while playing with cars.

She "inherited" a bunch of Hot Wheels and an awesome track from my brother and they can keep her busy for hours.  

On this particular day, she built a mini track on top of the ottoman (to keep away from Brielana, like that would stop her) and used the height as a jump.  Then she lined up a bunch and started talking about "traffic" and "parking".

I don't like labeling toys as "boy" or "girl" and am thrilled that she finds interest in a wide range of games, but what excites me the most is her use of imagination, the girl is chock- full of ideas!


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  1. I'm like that too-- I love when my girls play with a variety of toys and not just the regular girly ones…. broadens their range of interest

  2. I absolutely love this! I agree about labeling toys for boys and girls, just let them play!!! Great pics!

  3. Aww, I love this! Kinsey looks like she's really enjoying the cars and track! I'm with you on toy labels - there's no such thing as "girl" toys and "boy" toys!

  4. I love how she's talking about traffic and parking! So cute!

  5. LOVE!!! My girls have always had loads of car toys. Daddy couldn't possibly be more proud either.

  6. Cars are definitely fun to play with! I have always been such a girly girl but I have always been better at playing with cars than dolls.

  7. How cool is that race track! I love it And I love that she loves to play with cars too!

  8. I love this! Both my girls play with cars and I'm glad they do!

    1. Yes!!! Toys are toys and just need to be played with, without "rules" or "gender-bias".


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