Monday, July 13, 2015

Hour by Hour Weekend

When I saw Astleigh's post about sharing a photo an hour I had to join in!  So, here is our weekend, hour by hour:

8:30 a My alarm  baby woke me up and promptly gave me my slippers.  Her training is coming along nicely ;)
 And we peek in on Kinsey, who is also awake
 9:30 Brian makes us breakfast.  He's the Breakfast King

 10:30 I begin laundry and find two little monkeys jumping on my stripped bed
 11:30 last load in the washer almost done
12:30 Brielana wakes up just in time for lunch
1:30p my Dad (Grandpa Dino) comes over to visit.  Glad we got a good picture of everyone ;)
 2:30 Kinsey is enamored by the little gift Grandpa Dino gave her, a PEZ dispenser
 3:30 I bake a batch of blueberry muffins (try saying that 5 times fast)
 4:30 We make a Target Run and I discover in the week I haven't been there, these nifty self-check-out terminals were installed (re-installed? I feel like they come in and out of fashion.  Anyone else?)
 5:30 While unloading bags and putting things away, Brielana decided to try on Kinsey's new underwear.  As a beanie.  She's sophisticated like that.
6:30 Homemade split pea soup for dinner.  It's a win when both my girls eat the same thing.
7:30 getting down to Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" waiting for Daddy to get home from work.
8:30 getting ready for bed with a couple of stories and sister cuddles.

8a an early wake up call.  Thank goodness she's cute.
 9:00 Kinsey's first breakfast, care of Gramma
 10:00 second breakfast: banana waffles
 11:00 some outdoor time admiring these hydrangeas.
12p organizing Brielana's shoes.  Overnight her feet grew a size so it's out with the "old" (pretty sure she never wore these) and in with the new.
 1:00 Nap time
 Means playing Princess Yahtzee with my biggest little
3:00 has me doing some chores: I hate dishes but I hate looking at dirty dishes more. 
4:00 I had to make a return to Gap and we made a pit stop at the fountain.  It was The Spot to be for the under 5 crowd ;)
 5:00 playing another game
 6:00 made spaghetti for dinner- that my friends is steam, not a blurry picture, haha.
 7:00 Daddy's home and bubbles need to be played with.
 8:00 and the sunset is just gorgeous!  A great ending to our weekend.

And that's it, friends!  Thanks for following along!

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  1. 1:00 nap time is one of my favorite times of the day, ha ha! Such a beautiful sunset! What a great day! Why aren't weekends longer than just 2 days?!

    1. You and me both, Girl haha! Naps and long weekends are pretty much the best things ever :) Hope you had a beautiful weekend, too!

  2. So fun! I now want some spaghetti! And I'm with you...when my boys eat the same thing, it's so nice! Don't you feel like you cook so many meals a day sometimes??? I think one day I counted 9 different meals I prepared or cooked for the one day!

    1. Seriously, and I hate being the short-order cook! Guess it comes with being Mom :) Thanks for visiting Olivia!

  3. That sunset is the best end to the weekend! Self checkouts are sometimes more trouble than they're worth...hope your Target run went smoothly!

    1. Hi Kylie! So glad you made it here, welcome! And thank you for commenting. That sunset seriously was the perfect ending to the weekend! Its the little things, am I right?! ;)

  4. You're lucky your Target has a self check out! I wish mine did. It would make it so much more convenient. Though I'd probably never be able to use it because I always buy way too much stuff to check myself out! LOL
    PS daddy had to work all weekend?! Is that normal? Poor daddy...

  5. This is a cute idea! I love some blueberry muffins. I haven't seen any self check-outs in Target yet, maybe they're making their way to the east coast!

  6. Love this post. Such a fun simple way to recap a weekend. I need to put this on my post idea list.


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