Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brielana's 4th of July 1st Birthday

I have to preface this post with an apology, I can not for the life of me take party pictures; I either always forget and then the foods half gone, or it looks like an after-thought when that's really the best I can do!  Anyone else?  So mad props to photographers who capture party pictures, you are truly gifted!

Brielana turned one on 4th of July and we celebrated her birthday at the In Laws.  We did it right and had BBQ hot dogs, pasta salad, chips, and a berry platter arranged like the American flag.  I made all the decorations (mostly from TP rolls!) and even tried my hand at Courtney's Poppers. The kids loved them, but I couldn't get a good action shot.

I also busted out a Pinterest project for a craft.  The "kids" enjoyed it! And Brielana was there giving a helping hand.

Family helped us celebrate and my good friend came with her daughter (Kinsey's bestie) so it was a small affair.  Good thing too, because Brielana was in a serious mood all day...

That is until cake time.  This was her first taste of refined sugar and she may have liked it just a little ;)

This cake was beautiful and (tasted delicious) and was also the very first store-bought cake we've had at a birthday party in the past 4 years.  I realized I always stressed over making the dessert and this is the way to go in my opinion! I made the ONE topper out of twine, washi tape and glitter sticker letters attached to paper straws found at the Target Dollar Spot months ago.

After presents were opened we took our party pooped kids home for a nap before returning for the "fireworker show" as my brother in law used to call it when he was 4 hehe.  He lives for this holiday and is the firework master at 14.  

David did our show for the night.  I was really surprised that Brielana had no issues with the noise and rather enjoyed watching the spray of lights.  Of course I'm the one cringing every time something pops or booms. And that also explains the lack of firework photos.
With Auntie Hailey

Kinsey made a new friend. The neighbor across the street had his grandchildren visiting and Kinsey and Natalie played together the whole night. They look like two peas-in-a-pod here, so sweet!

We ended the night a little late and had the kids in bed by 10:30p.  But it was definitely a First Birthday/4th of July I will never forget!  Hope you and yours had a wonderful Independence Day!

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  1. SO CUTE. Your decorations are perfect. Happy Birthday Brielana!

  2. Those cake smash shots are priceless! Looked like an absolutely perfect celebration!

  3. What a fantastic birthday. Party pictures are tricky and some people go all out on them... not I. If I get a good cake shot, I've done my job well :). Besides you got a family shot, yay! Those are the most special and the ones I usually forget :/. Glad her first birthday was a great one!

  4. LOVE your crafts and decorations! Looks like such a fun party!

  5. This looks like so much fun! And the decorations are adorable! I think you did a great job with the pics! :)

  6. I love the picture of her with her cake, she looks so happy! :)

  7. Love this party! And that pic with the frosting on her face with that smile is amazing! Frame it!

  8. I LOVE the decor especially the rockets! You did such a good job on everything and she looks like she had an awesome time, looks like her fave was he cake!

  9. How lovely!!! Such a cute party!! And I get like that with a little refined sugar myself! Love the decorations!!!


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